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In the list of products which are turned out by the enterprise: machines and mechanisms, a construction combined metalwork, tanks and tanks, capacities for storage of the liquefied carbon gas (LCG) land, capacities underground for storage of SUG, tanks for storage of oil products, other vessels working under pressure Pass gas station, gas modules, the lifting loading and unloading equipment, designs not of the standard sizes, other metal wares.


We make and deliver the following production

Devices are heatexchange:

" heat exchangers a pipe in a pipe" folding one-line and multiline

• condensers of 600-1200 mm.


the capacitor equipment horizontal and vertical, and also with the mixing devices with a capacity up to 100 m3, pressure up to 40 kgfs/cm2;


air collectors with a capacity up to 25 m3, pressure up to 40 kgfs/cm2,


tanks for storage of the liquefied hydrocarbonic gases (LHG) to 100 m3

Deaerators atmospheric And vacuum DV.


Feeders lock and shnekovy various modifications.


Lifting transport equipment.


Equipment for the wood-processing industry




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